Gersmer, a manufacturer of worm gear speed reducers, we provide our customer excellent speed reducer and cheap reducer speed reducer. We are the best speed reducer manufacture in China
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1. Top equipment is helpful for reducing users’ operation cost
Unique material technique lengthens the service life of the speed reducer and contributes to the reduction of users’ operation cost.
2. High precision spare parts realizes optimized driving efficiency
Precision processing and manufacture techniques elevate the driving efficiency of the speed reducer, which is helpful for users to realize high-efficiency of the machine and to enhance the working efficiency.
3. Optimization of inner design enhances products’ reliability
The optimization of inner design makes the work of speed reducer stable and reliable, thus forming the strengths of low energy consumption, high energy saving and good carrying capacity.
4. Strive for product development with minimum environmental load
Through the service cycle from R&D, design, production, using and scraping, we pursue a minimum environmental load and make the product helpful to the environment and humankind.
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Hangzhou Gersmer Industrial Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Tangze Group. The group was invested and established by Japanese KARASAWA SEISAKUSHO LTD in 1998. Currently, the group governs five subsidiaries including Taizhou Tangze, Tianjin Tangze, Hangzhou Tangze, Wenzhou Tangze and Hangzhou Geshmer Industrial Co., Ltd.

Hangzhou Gersmer Industrial Co., Ltd. lies in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou where the scenery is beautiful. It is close to Xiaoshan exit of Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Expressway and is 20km away from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport. The traffic is very convenient. As a newly emerging company of the group, it entered the industry of speed reducer in 2009.

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